How to make your website popular?

Website Search Engine Optimization will induce search engines to rank your website on the first page results in a search made by a keyword.

Therefore, we recommend you to do the next steps:

1. Insert your web address in your business cards and all promotional company materials.
2. Add it to web directories and business directories as well as to websites of branch organisations, chambers of commerce and city portals.
3. Maintain your presence in social networks /e.g. corporate Facebook page in order to collect your fans and to post interesting news/.
4. Pay for advertising with banners published on other websites to promote your brand and collect links to your website.
5. Organize some online competition to attract clients’ attention.
6. Begin issuing a newsletter in your field of activities.
7. Add an announcement in different trade websites for small ads. Thus, you will take advantage by offering your products or services as well as by creating a link to your company website.
8. And the most important, become familiar with all measures which should be taken for your website SEO.

SEO aims exactly to increase the number of users and clients for your products or services by your website.

In case you order us your website from scratch, we will create the necessary oprimization structure. If you want only to rank your website at the first page of the search engine results, we might have to modify the current structure of your website.