Poor practices

What should you not allow on your website?

Heavy graphics

Sometimes, the moving and blinking elements are quite annoying. They distract users from main information. A precise and measured illustration can fill out more successfully your visitors’ impressions rather than a complex design decisions.

To load a graphic (picture, animation, video) may take more time than hundreds of text lines. The slow website loading is the biggest enemy of your Internet success. It’s been shown that Internet users does not wait more than 4 to 6 seconds per page loading. If your page loads for more than 6 seconds, you will lose about 80% of your visitors.
Remember: No one shall enter into a website only for seeing the impressive ideas of a graphic designer. Today the Internet 'surfers' are busy and hurried people looking for easily accessible information. Give it to them!

Introduction pages with graphics and animations

Such an introduction page is usually developed with Flash and contains one meaningful button 'Skip Intro' (Skip the introduction). These pages are perceived by visitors as bothering and unnecessary 'extra mouse click' on their way to the exact information they’re trying to reach.

Impressive but complex and confusing navigation

The lack of clarity is also one of the most repulsive factors for your visitors. The visitor must be able to find at a glance where the requested information is published. If you forget to give him this clarification on the first page, it is most likely that he would jump directly to the next competitor website.

Broken links and 'under construction' signs

Please, think about how many times have you returned to a website which links and sections have not been working?

Spelling and grammatical errors in text

Unfortunately, they not only suggests a lack of professionalism, but also call into question the culture of the website owner. 
Do not allow this! Before you upload all texts on the website, please, read them carefully. If you are not sure, consult a specialist.

Lack of clear contact information

The lack of this kind of information inevitably leads to failure. Most visitors already look for a detailed location, not only for an e-mail address.

Lack of price information

Under the pretext of 'not to be betrayed to competitors', many owners deliberately miss to present information about prices. They expect from their potential customers to pick up the phone and ask them. But it never happens!

The Internet space is so large that if you don’t provide your clients with all necessary information for making a purchase, they will just click with the mouse and go to another site, usually one of a competitive supplier. Do not expect from your customers to make an extra effort that you have saved yourself!

Design elements affecting negatively

  • Music turned on automatically
  • Animated startup items with continuous movement
  • Heavy distracting background images
  • Too large fonts
  • Low contrast between text and background.